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Probiotic Beverages at Workshop SF

  • Workshop SF 1798 McAllister Street San Francisco, CA, 94115 United States (map)


In this fermentation class, Kelly McVicker, founder of San Francisco’s McVicker Pickles, will teach you how to make your own kombucha and beet kvass. These tart and tangy concoctions may look a little freaky — and involve a bit of science — but they’re packed with healthy probiotics that your gut will love. (Even if your roommate isn’t so sure about the science experiment brewing in your kitchen.) During class, Kelly will talk about the awesome health benefits of fermented foods, as well as why homemade is better than commercially made (and often pasteurized) products.

To give you some flavor inspiration, the class will begin with a tasting of different kombucha and kvass flavors. Kelly will then walk you through each step of making your first batch of kombucha, from brewing your first tea to flavoring it with fruit, fresh herbs, and creative spice pairings. You’ll learn how to take care of your kombucha SCOBY (acronym: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) so that it will keep producing a new batch of kombucha every week. Never pay $5 for a bottle of kombucha again!

Once you’ve mastered the steps for making kombucha, you will make a jar of beet kvass. If you like kombucha, you’re going to love this fizzy, funky cousin. And, as an added bonus, it's  even easier to make!

Each participant will take home a jar of each recipe, as well as a kombucha SCOBY to keep the process going at home for many more batches.