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Fermentation Nation! Sauerkraut, Kimchi And Pickles

Taught at Workshop SF


Fermentation, y’all! It’s that magical, microbial, mysterious process that transforms raw veggies into flavor-filled delights. Not only is lacto-fermentation an effective way to preserve the harvest, it’s also a time-honored method of increasing the nutritional value of food and adding digestive enzymes to your diet.

In this class you’ll learn the secrets behind lacto-fermentation as you try your hand at making your choice of spicy kimchi or tasty sauerkraut. We’ll also do a fermented pickle recipe using cucumbers or another seasonal veggie. We’ll have all the goods on hand to creative a variety of gourmet home-crafted options to tickle your palate. Take home your custom creation, keep an eye on your ’edible pet,’ and enjoy the flavor in a few weeks. In addition to your jar of tasty goodness, you’ll also leave with some specific recipes and the knowledge and skills to apply lacto-fermenting techniques to just about any fruit or vegetable.