McVicker Pickles at Maker Faire!

It's that time, pickle peeps. For the fourth year in a row, McVicker Pickles will be doing our proverbial thang (ugh, sorry!at Maker Faire, at the San Mateo Fairgrounds from Friday, May 20 - Sunday the 22nd.

Peep it! --->

For those of you who don't know what Maker Faire is, it's where you can see impossibly smart people doing impossibly cool shit like this. (Which, goddamn!) Ah, but people literally PLAYING THE DOCTOR WHO THEME WITH LIGHTNING can't hold a candle to the power of pickles. So come by, say hi, and help us show these electricity-wielding chumps who's boss. US!


Netflix and Dill (tm)!

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and once again it's time to celebrate the ecstatic, indescribable joys of true love and/or numb yourself, however briefly, to the crushing loneliness that's dragging you down, down, down. Opera is overrated. Fancy dinners are so gauche. Cards and flowers? Pssh, what is this, the Middle Ages? Here at McVicker Pickles, we're going celebrate the only way we know how: through the power of pickling.

So, between now and this Sunday, we're offering our first-ever Netflix and Dill Date Night Discount: a pair of tickets to any upcoming class for only $80! What better way to show someone you care than by giving them the gift of pickling, ideally one that appropriates an already-dated codeword for sex?

Click below! Do it!

McVicker Pickles at SFMade Holiday Gift Fair

This Saturday, December 12th, is the SFMade Holiday Gift Fair. We'll be offering discounts on gift certificates good for any class in 2016 (Pickling, Jams & Jellies, & Mustard) plus gift baskets galore. Come by our table for a taste of pickled persimmons & other limited seasonal pickles!

Peep the scene here.

We've also added two new stores to the McVicker Army - say hey to the folks at Goods in Alameda, and Kitchentown in San Mateo. And you can always check out our full list of stores that carry McVicker Pickles here.