From spicing your brine to canning your carrots, our classes are informative and fun as hell. 

McVicker 101
The Art of Pickling

Learn the ABCs of pickling, from basic brines and fermentation to canning. This class will teach you everything you need to know to start making your own pickles at home.

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday, November 10, 7:00-9:30pm at Workshop SF



Fermentation Nation
Kimchi, Kraut & Pickles

Learn the secrets of fermentation as you try your hand at making two all-time classics - spicy kimchi and delicious sauerkraut.

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, Nov 29th, 7-9pm @ Workshop SF
  • Wednesday, Dec 20th, 7-9 pm @ Workshop SF

Jams & Jellies
How to make gourmet preserves

There's nothing like a jar of homemade jam to brighten up breakfast or make an edible gift for someone special. Learn how to create delicious jams, jellies and preserves in this hands-on class.

Upcoming dates:

  • Saturday, Dec 9 10am-1pm @ Redwood City Community Center




Mustard Madness
Make your own
mustard, my man.

From the lowly mustard seed, a mighty oak grows. Not literally an oak, but, like, a delicious mustard. Deep, right? Learn all the ins and outs in this class, and walk home with a couple jars of your own devising.

Upcoming dates: No dates currently scheduled. Email us to inquire about a private class!

Whiskey Picks
Pickling with beer and booze

Is there anything booze can't do? In this class you'll learn how to create mouth-watering pickles with beer and whiskey - and maybe even do a pickleback or two. Or three. 

Hoo boy, is this class 21 and over.

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday, Dec 8th, 7-10pm @ Workshop SF


Farm-fresh Cocktails
From Garden to Glass

Kelly McVicker teams up with bartender extraordinaire Gillian Fitzgerald to teach you how to use seasonal fruit, herbs and veggies to create cocktails so fresh, you'll want to slap them. 

Farm-fresh Cocktails is 21 and over, and available by special reservation only. Click here to request a class.

Bloody Buddies
How to make the perfect bloody mary

Kelly and Gillian will show you how to make the perfect bloody mary, and the perfect pickled veggies to go along with it.

Bloody Buddies is 21 and over, and available by special reservation only. Click here to request a class.

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